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It is the key to any business and our experts at diet clinic are always ready to support you and give you a hands-on experience which includes diet managing, therapeutic dieting and the key to run the business and monitor its smooth operation. Our corporate professionals and fellow Franchises are also ready to help you to grow and assist you at any point of time if you need any help. We not just equip you for everything but also help to have an equipped team at your clinic. We give them training and clear all aspects of your business that includes client satisfaction, client handling, business development, marketing, financial planning, sales, operations, office management and more. We look after all your needs and with us you will be growing like a team.

  • Experienced Corporate Team, including CEO of Diet Clinic is always there to assist you.
  • Franchise Development Team guides you to a successful opening
  • Experts Consultations regarding the assistance and better development of action plans in order to promote your growth with better compliance, profitability, and patient retention
  • Continuous support to educate and inform you regarding new studies and scientific efforts in the field of diet and nutrition which are on-site and on blog.
  • You can negotiate pricing as we grow dramatically.
  • Complete software package to manage your operations: Online Enrollment, Lead Tracking, Competition Database, HIPAA Compliant Software, Online Ordering and analytical tools.
  • National, regional, and local marketing programs
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • Public relations, promotions, and social media support
  • Customizable print, TV, radio, and outdoor advertisements

It is a link that drives you towards new opportunities and presents you before wider audience and our Corporate Marketing Team is very resourceful and available for all Franchisees, providing the ads, marketing materials, and Brand exposure that Franchisees need to successfully run their business to the desired level of their and clients’ satisfaction.

Our team works with both online and print media and further they are tapping the local resources to market you at the location of your franchise to increase your exposure.

Our System Branding Initiatives Include:

  • National and Regional newspaper and magazine advertising
  • Print Ads
  • Video production
  • TV Ad Production
  • Radio Ad Creation
  • Digital & Online Marketing
  • Commercials and web videos
  • Welcome Room Loop
  • Co-op and media buying support
  • Public relations support
  • Promotion development
  • Social media program
  • MediLiving (patient magazine)

Over weight and Obesity have now become household words and someone in every family is facing this condition which has made health and healthy living a challenge and majority of them are at risk of acute diseases that can continue long with their life.

Researchers all over the world have found obesity as the major contributor of sickness and there is a direct link between normal weight and healthy living.

We give client an ambience that helps them to stay focused on the weight management and for that they have a weekly visit and time to time counselling and coaching with our nutritionist, dietitian and wellness coach.

  • Weight management is more important than your wealth management as you are the best wealth manager for yourself. 432 million people are suffering from diabetes around the world and people who are fat and obese have greater risk of developing diabetes and after weight loss it is noted that there is a significant improvement in our patients’ HgA1c levels.
  • Diabetes is not the only one, there are many like high uric acid, High Blood Pressure, PCOD, Pre and Post Pregnancy, depression and sleeplessness and many more that have a direct link with overweight and weight management is needed for their treatment.
  • Family and social support is also very important in weight loss program. It is very important to maintain a positive ambience at home, work place and in yourself as your hormones play an important role in maintaining your weight.
  • We call our clients twice a week to monitor the changes taking place in your mental, emotional, health diet and patients lose more weight when maintaining weekly visits. Patients who maintained regular visits lost a greater percentage of body weight and stayed in the program longer than patients who had more sporadic visits.
  • There is a direct link between weight loss and healthy living. Your stay with us and see the positive changes in body, mind and learn from the best about the weight management.

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